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{ Friday, February 10, 2012 }
Okay. I'm super upset. I read this on Spousebuzz today. Guard Spouses Aren't Real Army Wives

Now, I'm going to keep this "short" because I feel like if I get going I'm going to hurt my boyfriend, just like this woman has seemingly hurt her husband. (See here) But I just have a couple things I would like to say.

My boyfriend is currently deployed with another unit...but his original unit deployed to Vermont back in September to help with the devastation of Hurricane Irene. Now I'm unsure if this woman happened to be there during Irene, but the devastation (shown here and in the picture below) was awful. People were without power for days. The flooding of businesses and houses was over 7 inches. An entire bridge was swept away.

My boyfriends NATIONAL GUARD unit brought food. Helped to save stranded and missing people. They worked their butts off for 30 days trying to help erase some of the awful devastation that state encountered. They stood side by side with Vermont Guard and those from other states, police, firemen, etc. bringing back some of what was destroyed, especially peace of mind.

Now, Velle wasn't there because they had him all ready going overseas. But I just have one question for this Vermont woman: DID ANYONE YOU KNEW OR LOVED RECIEVE HELP FROM THE NATIONAL GUARD AFTER IRENE? DID YOU?

I wonder. Because to me, this is the single incredible thing that the guard (or any military branch for that matter) does.

Help the citizens of the United States.

It's amazing what our military does overseas, protecting our freedom and the freedom of others. But when it comes down to it, their job is simply this: Protect and Serve the United States of America at home or away.

I find nothing more incredible than watching someone in the military help a civilian, whether it be on the homefront or overseas. In fact, this is thing I'm most proud of. Take the Coast Guard. They are the most under rated, under appreciated group of the military. In fact, most people don't even know they are military. But they are. I have the utmost respect for these MILITARY men and women who risk their lives everyday, even when there isn't a war being fought. Now, tell me...are you going to tell their wives their husbands aren't military next?

Coast Guard is on the bottom, the Army National Guard is a PART of the army.
Which brings me back to the National Guard. They are always, no matter what, "on call" to help and risk their lives. Which makes them no different from active duty soldiers. This woman mentioned in her blog that it's four years between deployments for Guardsmen. Yes, overseas. But everytime a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or any other diaster happens in the United States the Guard is there. Regardless of their wedding plans, their vacations, etc. They have be one of the most flexible branch of military because tomorrow if buildings started to fall, guardsmen would have to put those ACU's on and help even if it's their daughter's birthday.

So, in the case of Velle's unit. They were deployed to Vermont. But what if a diaster happened here at home at Ohio right after they returned? You think they get to wait four years before they have to help again? Don't think so. One weekend a month? Whatever.

I'm going to stop here cause there is so much more to be said, including her incredibly disrespectful comments about PTSD and the fact that ARMY National Guard is part of the ARMY, oh and my boyfriend worked full-time on his base... But my point is, I don't care what branch of the military your spouse is. The military itself is its own family.

Disrespect for one branch of the military is disrespect for all of the military. Period. My boyfriend works next to Marines, Air Force, etc everyday. And although all branches poke fun at each other, they all respect and protect each other...Shouldn't you respect and protect your fellow military spouse?


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