To the ladies.

{ Wednesday, August 31, 2011 }
He leaves in a month...and we've been arguing a lot!! Was this normal for all you ladies? Or should I be worried??

I'm really worried.

Sorry I haven't written in awhile...this would be the reason why.

How It Went

{ Thursday, August 25, 2011 }
So Velle just left for his SRP, Soldier Readiness Processing. He has to go to Columbus. It's not until tomorrow, but Unit's orders: he's to stay in a hotel tonight. I'm not even thinking they will say he's not deployable. He's strong and healthy, however he's blind as a bat. And forgot his glasses.

I'm lonely in this apartment alone. (Better get used to it.)

I just decided to take a minute tonight and describe how I found out.

That night his sergeant called and asked to meet him. He needed to gas to get to base the next day, but something went wrong with his pay and he was broke. His sergeant volunteered to put some gas in his car.

He was gone almost an hour. I got a little worried but figured he must have stopped over at his sisters who lives right by the gas station down the street from us. He walked in and right away started pouring me a glass of wine. "Drink." I asked what was wrong and he didn't answer, instead grabbed himself a bottle of beer. He sat down, took a swig, then stared at me. "What's wrong?" I seriously felt sick because I had no idea what he was about to tell me. I imagined fires, deaths, the end of the world, etc. "Why does something have to be wrong? Just drink." I gulped it down and as I finished, he blurted out "I'm being deployed".

I wanted so badly for it to be a joke. He has a cruel sense of humor. But he'll do anything to make me laugh. Sometimes he goes to far, which is the cruel part. But I could tell by the look on his face it was true. We then rode down the street to his sisters to tell her and his neices and nephews. So many tears.

Today, it was rough. I got into an arguement with his sister (we work together). It just hurt to know that someone who should really know what I'm going through, at least a little bit, would be so harsh toward me. She said some hurtful things. I really hope that after he leaves, she won't do it again. I'll be too fragile to hear stuff like that. It almost tore me to pieces today.

I also decided I'm going to teach myself how to cook while he's gone.

I'm a terrible cook. Burning things, mixing up the salt and the sugar, etc. But he is wildly obssessed with Rachel Ray. So, I decided that while he's gone I'll learn to cook as much as I can so he can come home to a hot meal every night. Especially his first night home. I think he'll like it.


{ Tuesday, August 23, 2011 }
I found a great blog, where she put together a list of tons of blogs that are all Military Spouses. I'm not exactly a spouse, but I'm pretty close and dealing with the same things as them. I can't for the life of me get the button to post on my blog though!! (Help??) I even tried posting it in this post and all that shows up is a little white box.

I can't wait to read other women's blogs and learning some new things to help me through this. I also hope that these other women will read mine and support me through this rough time.

It's Kinda Getting Easier

{ Saturday, August 20, 2011 }
I'm not crying as much. I don't know if I could cry anymore though. I know I will be when he leaves. But for now, I'm staying strong. Especially for him. He doesn't need to worry about me while he's gone.

Last night we went to the Browns game then over to a friends. It was nice. Pretty relaxing. We talked a little bit about what was going to happen while he was gone. What he'll be eating over there. What he wants to eat a lot of while he's home. (Chipotle, duh.) He's going to help me out with money. I'm starting to feel way better about this. He's a mechanic and they don't leave base much, if at all, so he'll be as safe as possible. He's getting a laptop to skype with me and an international plan for his phone.


I just think about how long a year is...and it's too much for me. Our anniversary is tomorrow, and we'll be spending the whole third year of our relationship apart. It might go by fast (I can't believe it's almost September) but while I'm waiting for the year to be over, it will seem like forever.

I gotta go to work. And Velle is passed out, asleep. I'm going to miss having him to come home to.

Found out Date

{ Friday, August 19, 2011 }
Last night he told me he would be deployed in September. I'm feeling pretty down but I'm putting a good face on for him. He's been quiet. I hope he's dealing with it ok. Work today then we're going to the Browns game. I need to relax and have a couple beers.

More later.

Post #1

{ Thursday, August 18, 2011 }
So I'm starting this blog because I just found out my boyfriend will be deployed to Afghanistan. I'm using it as a way to deal with my emotions and hopefully help other Army wives and girlfriends with an upcoming deployment. I did a lot of internet searching and there are a lot of websites with tips, etc but nothing really written from the heart of a woman dealing with her emotions and the events of deployment. I was really hoping to find a site that was just blogs for military significant others, but I have yet to find one. (Any suggestions?)

My boyfriend Velle and I have been dating for two years a week from Saturday. We've known each other since we were 10 and met in school. We've been good friends ever since high school and things sort of just progressed to a relationship. We became official once he returned from Basic and AIT.  He's in the reserves and recently found out he is being transferred to another unit that is currently in training for their deployment. Which pretty much means he can be leaving any day now. Details are pretty shaky at the moment since he was to meet with his Sergeant and Colonel today to learn more.

I'm just sitting here waiting for him to come home. Good news would be nice.